How Many Types of Gazebo are There Since 1000 BC – How to Choose a gazebo?. A Gazebo is an outdoor shade structure with partially open sides in shapes such as hexagon or octagon. Often built in spacious public areas such as parks or gardens. It can also be made in the backyard or back garden. Enclosed with a rooftop and sometimes curtains as well, they also take privacy into account. If Providing a snug and romantic sitting place.  A gazebo might also offer a scenic view depending on where it is built. This small cabin-like structure is fantastic for High Tea and evening chit chats for the family.

The most common building materials used are vinyl, metal, and wood, while various paints and polishes adorn its looks. It is common to find a Gazebo on beaches, hill stations, or in the deserts (temporarily built for the elites who carry out their fun activities on the desert). The base structure is usually the same, but the difference in appearance is caused by the shape of the rooftop. This can vary from a plain straight deck-like look to the most extravagant and appealing victorian styles with the roof branching out at the base but forming a pointy top in a layer like structure.

This article will inform you about all that you need to know about getting your first Gazebo.

Types Of Gazebos:


Hardtop Gazebos:

There are mainly five types of Hardtop Gazebos, and all have their pros and cons. The one most suitable for you has to be decided upon your personal preferences and requirements.

1- Folly Gazebo

Folly Gazebo

This particular type is characterized by its archaic look. As the name suggests, it is built for primarily ornamental purposes. Its structure is made out of pipes of metal forged in arch shapes and joined together to complete one whole structure. Mimicking the pattern of a circular birdcage. But this doesn’t mean that you can not use it for an informal gathering or just to sit back and take a sigh upon the tiring day.

Metal chairs and tables matching/contrasting the theme of the structure would be an infinite addition to the luxuriousness and ingenious subtleness of your garden. Moreover, the structure allows it to be a lot more ventilated so that you can lose the heat to the surroundings and cheer upon the slightest cause. Available in a range of sizes and designs, this delicate and extravagant structure, despite being ornamentation, often accentuates the landscape and makes it more awe-inspiring. 

2- Rotunda

Rotunda Dom Gazebo

The dome-topped Gazebo with circular pillars gives a similar look to that of Roman buildings. One feature that makes it distinctive among others is that it does not have any walls and stands on its own, but that comes with a price to pay. You would have to build a separate base for it. This structure can be called more of a canopy rather than an enclosure.

Rotunda Gazebo

Apart from all these, the fact is undeniable that it stands as a classy structure with grace and kindness. Subjugating everything present in the vicinity, like a king ruling over his empire. The roof is sometimes made of concrete and cement, but at others, metal is also used in a compact wire-like structure, and patterns are made out. The idea resembles that of the folly Gazebo but is restricted to some exceptional cases and limited to the roof.

3- Pagoda

Pagoda Gazebos

Originating in Japan, this large wooden structure’s fundamental purpose was to serve for religious activities. Marked by the oriental style and the distinguished style of the roof; curving pointed top, the tower may be tiered at the top. Forming such a structure makes it even more cryptic and intriguing. Sitting idle but noble in your backyard, this piece of art is exemplary when it comes to uniqueness.

Furthermore, it’s structure is mainly wood, but it is the types of polishes used that helps to enhance the finished look and give it a posh impression. Another feature of the pagoda is that it can be called a miniature version of the temples in Japan and China. When compared, it is noticed that both have the same structural adaptations and properties, just that the temple is a lot wider and consists of stories instead of tiers.

4- Pavilion

wood pavilion gazebos

It is a relatively pure form and highly recommended if you want to keep a clear eye line across your landscape. Usually rectangular, with four supporting pillars (more extended versions can have a higher number of pillars, but this usually stays in an even count), the roof is also very plain and simple. However, if designed ingeniously with astute abilities, this simple structure can be transformed into a more contemporary version with sleek, elegant looks and a modern vibe to it.

wood pavilion gazebos

These are often found near the main buildings either in the house or at some public place. One of the most significant advantages they hold is that they are great for large family gatherings, and the site can be used to light a bonfire in the middle. Hence creating an enviable environment to cherish with your loved ones. 


5- Pergola

If you are a nature lover and love to be surrounded by the green element, then this is no doubt the best option for you. This specific type is made to support ivy to climb up the pillars. The roof can be opened and closed as you want it. It is not a canopy, but still, a simple mechanism allows you to do so. Apart from providing simple shade to the people underneath, the pergola also absorbs all the heat for you; thanks to the plants surrounding it, so that you can enjoy a cold late afternoon. The kiosks are often used as an extension to the house or terrace and often as a walkway between two pavilions. You can find stalls in different shapes, such as a flat roof and an arched roof.

We have some Readymade Best Portable Hardtop Gazebo, And you don’t need to build them in days. You just need to order and put in your Garden or Backyard.

Few Readymade Gazebo Ideas.

Readymade Gazebo Readymade Gazebo Readymade Gazebo

Soft top Gazebo

These kinds of gazebos are usually temporarily built with a canopy roof that can be installed and uninstalled according to your requirements. They have three types:


1- Pop Up

Portability is their primary purpose. Hence, they can be folded and unfolded whenever you want. Their structure is quite simple; long metal rods are acting like pillars and a canopy on the top shaped like an inverted cone. One of the best options for shelter on the go. All you need to do is to unfold and alleviate your tiredness.

2- Wall Panel

The structure is almost the same as the pop up one. But there is more to it. There is an addition of a backdrop to save your back from the scorching sun.

3- Enclosed

Last but not least is the enclosed version. This is more like a marquee rather than a simple Gazebo. The shape is a triangle sitting on top of a rectangle. All of the sides are covered with the canopy, which starts at the top and drapes down to the parties to shelter you from all sides. It can also be completely closed because of the clasps or zippers at the entrance. The only drawback is the hassle of folding and unfolding this gigantic structure. But it is worth it, and this piece is exceptionally functional and helpful in camping.


How to choose the right Gazebo:

There are some common factors to keep in mind when selecting the right Gazebo for you:

1- The Size

First of all, you need to know how much space is available to you and what kind of arrangement you want in your Gazebo. Once you’ve decided this, you can move further to make all those tempting choices diversely available in the market.

2- The Design 

Secondly, you need to know about the functionality and purpose of your Gazebo. Do you want it to sit quietly in the backyard, unnoticed? Saved away from all the gazing eyes and kept hidden for solitary meditation. Or do you want it to be strident enough to grab the attention of everyone in a 30 meters radius? Being a fantastic addition to your patio as a symbol of elegance and eminence. Once you are done deciding this, there won’t be any significant problem in selecting the specific design.

3- Material

Once you’ve decided upon the design you want, you will need to finalize a material, which would be necessary when buying either a ready-made model or a custom-built piece. The best options are metal ( e.g., stainless steel and aluminum), vinyl, and wood. The design will aid you a lot in choosing the material so that it fulfills the requirements of the structure.


4- Accessories

You won’t leave your Gazebo trite and accompanied by any accessory. Well, it can be a bit confusing to choose for the first accessories related to your private little cabin. But no worries, this article has got you covered. First and foremost is the patio furniture. What is the use of a Gazebo when you don’t have any space to sit? Buying a beautiful table and a few elegant looking chairs will do the job.

Next are the curtains, even inside their property, everyone needs privacy. Plus, it is an excellent way to bring some colors to the structure. This is the time when you get the opportunity to exhibit your creativity and let out some fun elements. Lastly, we have the stringed lights. Who doesn’t like colorful lights dangling from the top and spreading creativity all among its range? Of Course everyone does, that is why it is one of the best ways to bring a contemporary vibe to it.


5- The View

You should keep in mind that a Gazebo will block a view, and sometimes it might be on purpose. Moreover, the look of your Gazebo is as important as the view from it. When building or installing the Gazebo make sure that the design compliments the surroundings and does not look awkward in the place. In addition to that, the view from the Gazebo depends upon the location, which ultimately leads us to the next point.


6- The Location

Remember that the location of your Gazebo will determine the size and shape, also, make sure that the area is level or is leveled so that it forms a stable base for the Gazebo. The location also plays a pivotal role in determining the type of Gazebo most suitable.


7- The Future

In all Gazebo plans, people add to like more things such as a spa pool or protective schools, etc. over time. Hence, whenever you plan on getting a Gazebo installed to make sure you leave some room for these things because even if you deny it at the moment, you will surely want these additions later on. So, it is better to pre-plan all these things.

8- Portability Or Not?

One of the most important things that you need to decide is whether you want your Gazebo to be portable or not. This decision might completely change all of your previously made preferences. If you’d like it to be carried on along with you, The soft top is the best for you. The subtypes depend upon your requirements and needs. In this case, you do not have much of a customization choice; neither do you get to choose between several designs and shapes. But it does have a massive advantage. You take your shade wherever you go.

If your preference is not portability but lavishness and luxury, then you should choose The Hardtop versions right away. In such a case, all of the customizations mentioned above do apply. Hence, you can get your personalized little cabin, awaiting you at all times for you to unwind a little bit. Moreover, one important point should be kept in mind that a Hard Top version is mostly custom-built and made to order rather than ready-made models (smaller) available in the market.


The best type of Gazebo can only be decided by you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your first Gazebo!!