Everybody likes to have a well-trimmed and a well maintained garden. If you want to get the best cordless lawn mower for a small or more extensive garden. Your demands can be fulfilled with given Top 6 cordless lawn mowers. The majority of the homeowner takes great interest and for this matter; they search for equipment. There are so many manufacturers You want to pick the one based on high quality features up.

Why do you need to use cordless lawn mowers?

Most of people are looking to take their garden to the next level. However, things are pretty much in control in terms of getting affordable solutions for the maintenance of their lawns. The lawn mower is a sophisticated device that trims your garden nicely. Advance models can do a lot of other things, such as mulching, bagging, working on the edges of your lawn and etc. However, the best of the best mowers available today is cordless. Cordless Mowers carries a lot of safety and convenience for the users. The functions are also very diverse and can give you precisely the kind of performance that you are looking for.

The uses of a cordless lawn mower:

  • You are facilitated with a cordless type by no tension in managing the cord. You can mow your lawn freely. The cordless lawn mower can cover a large geographical area as long as the battery runtime permits.
  • They are versatile in every sense. The best models of the cordless mowers come with 3 in 1 functionality. They wouldn’t only do the standard moving, but also provide users with side discharge, mulching and even bagging.
  • If your eardrums are looking for a break from the extreme noise of the gas-powered lawn mowers. Then using the cordless mowers would add to your comfort with shallow noise levels. Any standard cordless lawn mower produces the noise as high as a conventional washing machine. The maximum noise level for any product in this category would be 75 decibels.
  • The modern models of the cordless types come with dual battery systems, and this alternately means much longer run time. The people who had concerns with the lower runtime would find it a great solution to satisfy all their needs.
  • The cordless lawn mower type is also an excellent approach for reducing pollution. The pollution level as compared with the gas-powered mowers is almost negligible. They don’t have any fuel containers. It means there is no emission of toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Top 10 cordless lawn mowers in 2020

There are two general types of lawn mowers that are cordless and corded. For now, we are going to discuss the best cordless lawn mower for your large or even small Yard.

It’s mostly of having a version that provides productivity and requires maintenance due to the growing demands. The quality of the engine power, the battery along with the blade, are the elements of the lawnmower. Listed below are the top mower available in the market from top manufacturers:

GreenWorks 25223 40V (Best 19 InchesCordless Lawn Mower)

4.0 AH & 2.0 AH Batteries Included

This version of the GreenWorks is a fantastic cordless lawn mower. The gear has 19inches’ deck blade that is a great size for the mowing of small or medium size yards. The users can make use of 7 mowing height rankings using one lever. The height can be adjusted using the lever at the assortment of 1-1/8 to 3 inches. With its 3 in 1 feature, you can mulch, rear discharge and can perform the bagging task also.

The best thing about the system is its Lithium-Ion batteries that are G-Max. It’s 1 x 4AH battery and 1 x 2AH battery. Lithium-Ion batteries’ operation is accepted, and over here, they provide performance that was excellent also.

Further, it has ideally designed front and rear wheels, which provide excellent performance, easy maneuverability on all sorts of tracks.

  • The equipment has discovered to be very mild, and it’s easily maneuvered with its useful wheels.
  • Batteries can run for 60 continuous minutes on a single charge. You seldom need any higher runtime than this to support your small or medium-size yard.
  • The machine is exceptional through dense or tall grass.
  • 19 inches Blade, which is an excellent size to mow a relatively moderate size yard with good speed.
  • The batteries are flexible and compatible with all of the tools of the GreenWorks manufacturer.
  • Matters will have been ideal if the maker has introduced the gear with 2 x 4AH batteries, instead of 1 x 4Ah and 1 x 2AH.
  • The price as compared with the features is higher, which is a criticism of several users of the goods.

GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force (Best 20 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower)

4.0 AH & 2.0 AH Batteries Included

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

The most popular kind is the GreenWorks 25302 version that’s tailor-made to care for the varied lawn mowing needs. You can expect this system to trim any medium-size yard without difficulty. The product truly designed to last long, and its performance over the years would not deteriorate as such.


Cutting Deck: The cutting deck limits the capacity of the mower. It includes a 20-inch cutting deck that’s acceptable for mid-size lawns.

Technology: This one includes Smart trimming technology, which will be capable of adjusting the runtime power as the job demands.

Blades: The machine has dual blades that provide a high cut quality with bagging and mulching capabilities also.

Battery: The battery of this mower is the 40 Volt Lithium Ion (G-Max). It has 2 batteries and supports multiple tools of this unit for giving a comprehensive yard work. It features a battery charger.

Battery Switchover: It includes a battery switchover (automatic). That extracts battery in the second power source after the first one has drained out.

  • Dual battery and a double blade that means more resourceful cutting with this tool. It may use for rear bagging and mulching needs.
  • The system has the Smart Cut Technology that is excellent for saving power and providing a more runtime of the battery. Its battery device adjusts its power according to the nature of this job. The power is raised when the grass is dense or on a slop or fall differently on the lower dense grass and the horizontal surface.
  • The odds of downtime of this battery i using the automobile battery change over the system. It quickly moves to another power source after the first one drained.
  • 70 minutes on a single charge. It is good enough time for looking after the mowing demands of any medium-size yard. The time taken by its 4AH battery for charging is only 120 minutes and 60minutes for the 2AH battery.
  • The machine weighs less than 50 pounds, and it’s also reasonably compact. The use of the system and the storage could be wholly hassled free.
  • If you’re more after a manicured backyard, then this one may not be the ideal mower for you. It generates rough-cut even in the event you make lots of passes over the same area yard with the same grass height.
  • The battery is good in functionality, but barely lasts a season, which is a considerable concern in terms of its ongoing price.
  • The connection of the blade in the base of the unit looks a little flimsy.

Sun Joe iON 40V iON16LM brushless motor (Best 16 Inch Cordless lawn mower)

Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Easy and safe to use: It does not demand petroleum tune-ups. It includes no pull cord hassle and no carbon emission.

Motor: This Lawn mower stuffed with a brushless motor, which increases the battery’s efficiency and the performance of the engine.

Less Noise: The sound level while working is low.

Battery: The machine includes a 40V battery, which provides consistent performance.

Cutting on Deck: It has 16 inches blade. Which is acceptable for looking after the moderate yards or the little.

Design: The design of the mower is a breeze, and it allows the dwelling for storage in areas.

Adjustable height: The machine provides 6 different height adjustment degrees. It can accommodate the grass cut in the selection of 1.8 to 3.15 inches.

  • The lawn mower’s best portion is its type of motor that performs the lawn mowing tasks with a decrease or no loss in performance.
  • This mower’s plan is compact that occupies storage space, and is easy to deal with.
  • The problem with this equipment, along with the sound level, is negligible. It also enhances the performance and the lifespan of the engine.
  • So that you can mow your yard, 6 height adjustment amounts offered by the mower.
  • This lawn mower from Sun Joe maker backed with a guarantee of two years.
  • The mower does not have a blade. There’s not any capability, which may be an issue for those users who require mulching. But it works best as a mower.
  • It handles the objects on the lawn, which is harmful to individuals or the user. Before you begin mowing, it needs to be noticed. Before you start on your mower, try to remove pebbles and stones.
  • As it provides run time, the functioning of the 40V battery isn’t based on the expectations.

GreenWorks GLM801600 (Best 21 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower 80V Inspection)

Battery and Charger Not Included

Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

Easy to use: The GreenWorks GLM801600 lawn mower is a battery efficient, a higher power lawn mower. It makes the yard maintenance and management a simple and effortless procedure.

No gas: The lawn mower does not use any gasoline for the functioning; instead, it operates at a voltage of 80V. Which is most significant in the industry has a run time of approximately 45 minutes.

A low sound operation: This GreenWorks lawn mower makes a lesser sound when compared with gas-based gear. It requires only the push of one button to begin the process.

Terrific grip and control: The wheels and handles designed professionally to provide a solid grasp on the machine. At the same time, a 21″ wide steel deck makes the mowing job even more efficient and convenient.

Rapid charging system: The charging unit of this lawn mower is a quick charging system. That can use with several other battery-operated tools.

  • The lawn mower has lightweight along with blades. It provides a constant and sharp cut bestowing your yard with an appearance that is neat and clean.
  • The battery fully charged in less than 15 minutes, and if you’re using a two Ah battery, you may need to recharge it between your mowing procedure. While your lawn mower is on charging, you can have a beverage break.
  • The GreenWorks mower is quite durable and reliable, and it works excellent through thick grass and winter weeds, where many other lawn mowers fail or cause damaged blades.
  • The handle can be adjusted based on your ease of use Because of 3 different height mods.
  • Minimal operating noise
  • The cordless feature provides you with the freedom to mow bigger yards in one go without needing to plug the cables into the switches.
  • The lawn mower purchasing package doesn’t include charger and batteries, and you need to get them. It causes a small amount of hassle for people who need a package.
  • Although the lawn mower is fast and straightforward to use, It takes the same or more time for mowing a lawn as compared to a gas mower for Huge Yards. You may need to replace the batteries between the process that is mowing or await the battery to get charged. But Not a significant issue if you have a small or medium yard where the batteries may work in 1 go.

GreenWorks 2501302 G-MAX (Best 19 Inches Cordless Lawn Mower)

Battery Not Included

Greenworks 19-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

For durable efficiency and performance, Greenworks make certain their lawn mowers offers and are not behind the technology. It wouldn’t allow you to face the hassles of charging time on and off. This Greenworks 2501302 Gmax lawn mower is among the best companions for your home lawn.

Smooth motor: It has the DigiPro electric engine. That operates on a 40 volt Li-Ion battery and offers a smooth and noiseless run time. The GreenWorks guarantees the highest standards of engine performance and provides a 10 year guarantee period for the Digipro motors.

Lightweight and requires effort: GreenWorks 2501302 G-MAX is light in weight. You won’t feel any sort of fatigue when moving or working to a different place. It requires an attempt to work with this and is not difficult.

Easy utilization and to start with: The mower provides height adjustments and operations. You don’t need to pull on bear or wire with the smoke. You can enjoy a breezy start off or lawn mower with no noise around you.

Easy handling features: The height is adjustable, and you can correct it with a lever depending on your convenience. It makes it much easier to handle for tall and short individuals.

Battery working capacity and charging time: The battery goes around 120 minutes or so, it may vary for the 2 batteries. You may be given a work time for up to 12000 square foot area by A charge.

Mulching and bagging: This lawn mower provides rear mulching work and bagging grass.

Area capacity: It’s ideal to be used in medium or small yard areas. It wouldn’t require any charging problems that are repeated if billed completely.

  • The lawn mower has sound and works with no type of pull start choices of smoke, annoying sounds, or hassles. It functions all the way and begins with a click of the key.
  • It wouldn’t leave your work and works for a single hour with no break.
  • It has intelligent cut technology, which automatically adjusts to the bud thickness and aids in cutting evenly and smoothly.
  • The 7 position adjustment is controlled by a single lever to adjust supplement the height adjustment option.
  • This model does not include a charger and a battery, so that you need to buy it regarding the compatibility with the mower itself.

EGO 56V Power Plus (21 Inches Cordless Lawn Mower)

EGO 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind

Ego is a well-known brand in the lawn mower market, By introducing Lawn Mower equipment. However, it made a significant impact. Vibes are being created by their 3 in 1 feature. Cordless lawn mower all around the lawn mowing because of performance and its features. You can use this machine to mow size yards at home in a mowing speed. This is possible thanks to its large cutting deck blade of 10 inches and battery of 56 Volts.


This EGO Power Plus is regarded as one of the most resourceful cordless lawn mower available on the market. The Lithium-Ion battery of 56 Volts powers it. The machine work without producing any toxic fumes, noise, and fuss.

 It’s a vast machine that weighs 70 lbs, but handling and storing are relatively reasonable. It is streamlined and foldable for keeping it in a place from outside or inside of your dwelling. It’s a 3 in 1 product. Where you are able to use it for 3 functions like mulching, bagging, and for using unwanted discharge. The maintenance tasks associated with this lawn mower and the cleaning are done and free.

  • The machine does not produce any sound. That means it can be used in any part of the day with no fear.
  • The headlights of this system enable us to mow during any time of night and the day.
  • The cutting deck has 20 inches blade, which is the perfect size to mow in a Larger size garden.
  • It comes with 3 in 1 feature, which means that you could use it for mulching, bagging, and discharge.
  • The lawn mower with a rechargeable battery is easy to control.
  • Cleanliness and the upkeep of the equipment are done relatively straightforward.
  • The users’ majority thinks that the cost is too high.
  • The reliability of the equipment for long term use is because of the lack of information.

How to know that the battery of the lawn mower is dead?

The battery of a cordless lawn mower considered the backbone. No matter how much sophisticated, powerful and advanced features introduced in the cordless lawn mower. If the battery is of poor quality, then that will be useless at all.It should be the first thing to check while buying

The majority of the people face the problem in the winters, or when they take out after a good few weeks or even months. The battery should work if given a charge. But if it doesn’t, then that is the sign that the battery is dead, and it needs to be replaced. A Digital Multimeter (DMM) should be used for confirming that if the battery is dead or not.

Signs which show that the battery is dead:

Take out the mower and try to start it. If, by doing so, you notice that the motor of the equipment doesn’t crank. It cranks slowly or maybe making some clicking noise. It means that the battery of the device is dead.

Turn the system off and locate the battery. It is usually on the side of the equipment or maybe underneath the unit. Wiggle all the associated wiring and cables to confirm that there is no loose connection. If nothing works, then the reason is apparent that the battery is dead. If loose, then you can make use of a wrench for tightening them.

You can set it up for testing the voltage by setting the DMM to DC. The red wire should go to the positive terminal, and the black to the negative terminal at the same time. If the meter reads 12.7 DC volts or above. Then the battery is excellent, and the issue is with something else. But, if it is lower than 12.7 Volts. Then the problem is with the battery, and you might need to replace it.

Etekcity Auto-Ranging Clamp Meter, Digital Multimeter

Give your ample battery amount of time to charge. After giving a sufficient amount of charge, the charger doesn’t show that the battery is full. Probably you have a dead battery. There is no point in trying it again, especially if you have checked your charger as well using a DMM. The signs are clear enough that you need a battery replacement.

For a cordless lawn mower, having a battery that is fit to go is an essential part. It’s crucial to have the battery charged and ready to go before you start working with your mower. In case you have got issues regarding the battery of the lawn mower. You would not be able to work for your mowing task or maybe stuck in the middle. If you have got a faulty battery or a battery that is not picking up the charge, then you should be testing it out using steps mentioned above to ensure if the problem lies there or anywhere else in the mower.

How to fix the belt of a cordless lawn mower?

The cordless lawn mower, the most preferred type of lawn mower because of the extreme convenience and utility for the user. They are maintenance-friendly and require you to put in far less effort in maintenance than an electric or a gas-powered lawn mower.

You need to worry about more other than the sharpening of the blade is about the fixation of the belt of your cordless lawn mower. It is the main issue to look after but has got a straightforward process if changes are to be made. Just have a look onto the following simple steps to Do it yourself:

Steps for fixing of the belt of a cordless lawn mower:

Fixing the cordless lawn mower was never so easy as much as it is today. It is because of so much product-specific literature available on the net. When dealing with a belt, the first thing to keep in mind is to check all the safety aspects. Your user manual about this product can be a useful thing to have a look at. Further, there are two issues that you can face after inspecting the belt of the cordless lawn mower. First, it needs to be tightened up, which can be done by tightening the associated screws.

The other issue is the one where the belt shows some significant signs of wear and tear, and in this situation, it could only be replaced. The following are the steps demonstrating as how to change the belt of the cordless lawn mower:

Your mower should be in the OFF position and set it up for changing the belt by applying its parking brakes. You should be very careful in doing so to complete the whole process safely without getting into any problematic situation.

The cutting deck should be removed along with the battery to gain access to the belt. You will need to have a screwdriver for detaching the mower housing of the unit. In most of the models, you will find the screws near the rear wheels of the equipment. So, it should not be an issue to locate the screws and remove them safely.

Finally, look for the screws near the transmission pulley of the machine. I need to be opened with the help of a screwdriver, to get the old belt removed from the platform. Install the new belt and tighten it with the help of the screws. It should be done with high accuracy so that the new belt gets to place correctly and would be able to work as it should be. You can give a push to the wheel to check if it’s doing its job.

All the removed parts must be installed in the same way as they were removed. Give your machine a test run before taking it on for some severe mowing tasks. It will help avoid any issues that might come through if you start without testing. I should say there is no ambiguity left behind regarding this small yet essential task. Now you should be able to change the belt whenever you need by following these steps mentioned above carefully. The only thing you have to keep in mind, always try to be uniform in disassembling and assembling the mower to avoid any faults in the putting up the things together after you have installed the new belt. Also, giving a test run is crucial to make sure all of the parts put back firmly, and there is no loose screw left behind.

Cordless Lawn Mowers performance issues

The cordless lawn mowers have helped us a lot with the optimum maintenance and grooming of our lawn. Like any other technological product, they do require some proper maintenance work now and then.

Most of the performance related issues can be easily solved by doing a few simple steps. The homeowner needs to have some good knowledge about the particular battery operated equipment that is in their possession.

The regular performance related issues and how to handle them:

The following is a list of the primary performance related issues with solutions which are familiar with the cordless lawn mowers:

The quality issues related to the lawn cut: It is a normal thing to experience when your lawn mower doesn’t give you a quality cut where the equipment performs far below its potential. If you are having any such problem, then you must do a thorough cleaning of the lower side of the equipment’s cutting deck. The equipment, after some use, accumulates a very thick layer of grass clippings that results in a solid crust. It can be used as a sharp tool such as a scraper.

Uneven cutting of the lawn grass: It is again a prevalent issue where the machine gives you a very rough cut of the green. Surprisingly, the main problem here could be with the tires of your machine. The height adjustment of the equipment done according to the requirements still gives you a raw cut because your tires are not equally inflated. SO make sure that you check the tire pressure and increase them according to the instructions given in the user manual of the product.

Inconsistency in the lawn cut: If the homeowner experiences any inconsistency or some uncut spots in the lawn, then the issue may be due to a rough, dull or a broken blade. Therefore, it is highly recommended to inspect the blade regularly. If the problem is minor, then it could be solved by just sharpening the blade. But if the blade is too dull or rough, then replacing it is the only good idea. Apart from this, you must also check the belt tension and adjust it accordingly, if needed. Any obstruction underneath or above the Deck must also be monitored and addressed thus. By keeping a proper check on all settings and maintaining the blade regularly, you can have a consistent and appropriate lawn cut.

The issues related to traction and the tires: It is a norm to experience the slipping of your lawn mower tires irrespective of the lawn surface or the weather conditions. If the tires are slipping, then you need to check the inflation of the tires and adjust them accordingly. If the tires have worn out, then they must be replaced with the new ones in the first instance. It is essential as the performance of the cordless, or any other lawn mower is dependent on the quality and performance of the tires.

All these issues can arise off an on, no matter which brand of lawn mower you might have. You should not get panic. Instead, help yourself out quickly and efficiently while using these useful tips. I hope you have read and found this set of information worthy enough to help you. Thanks for reading it out, and I hope you would find it easy to follow and apply.